About us

about us

AREF Investment Group is a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company “AREF” established in 1975, with a capital of KD 22,885,937. AREF is considered to be amongst the leading investment institutions in the region focusing investments in various sectors and activities. This is achieved through developing and nurturing local, regional and international partnerships.

Along with its subsidiaries and associates, AREF forms a conglomerate of companies that are diversified in various sectors. This generates synergy whereby any area of specialty is covered under the leadership of AREF to form a powerful team capable of conceiving, planning and executing mega projects in growing regional markets in the following sectors: Investment, and Finance, Real Estate Investment, Logistic Services (including  River Transportation), and the Public Services Sector which include Education, and IT services.


All businesses exercised by AREF comply with the Islamic Sharia, which is subject to supervision of the Company’s Sharia Board.


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